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Jim Hoerricks

47 Years

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Whilst I believe wholeheartedly that the work recommends the craftsman, I do understand that sometimes people may require additional verification. As such, references are available upon request.


Jim is a Digital Forensic Analyst, instructor, professor, public speaker, best selling author, Master Mason, Combat Wrestling / са́мбо / Система practitioner / instructor, and autistic adult. Professional biography. Masonic biography.

Certifications / Licenses

  • General Radiotelephone Operators License, Serial Number PG00003984
    Federal Communications Commission, March 2002
  • Adobe Photoshop CS, Transcript ID 191832
    BrainBench, October 2005
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, Transcript ID 191832
    BrainBench, May 2006
  • Mobile Phone Seizure Certification, Certificate Number 1643
    BKForensics, October 2010
  • Amped Certified Instructor (FIVE, Authenticate, DVRConv)
    Amped Software North America, July 2012
  • Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository (LEEDIR) Certified.
    Citizen Global, June 2014.
  • ORCID - 0000-0002-9625-9468 (Verify)
  • Lodge Management Certification (2016) - California Grand Lodge F&AM
  • Masonic Funeral Service Certification - California Grand Lodge F&AM

Expert Testimony

  • People v. Carpenter (3CR13501) Los Angeles County Superior Court, April 2004 (Video Clarification)
  • People v. Cruz (4CR06272) Los Angeles County Superior Court, April 2004 (Video Clarification)
  • People v. Casey (PA049315) Los Angeles County Superior Court, January 2005 (Video Clarification)
  • People v. Garcia (62-55517) Sacramento County Superior Court, October 2006 (Video Clarification & Content Analysis)
  • People v. Abdullah (BA353334) Los Angeles County Superior Court, December 2009 (Video Authentication)
  • People v. Kemp (BA387506) Los Angeles County Superior Court, May 2014 (Video Clarification & Content Analysis)

General Testimony

  • People v. Vann (BA351183) Los Angeles County Superior Court, March 2010
    (Testified as to my involvement in a digital multimedia evidence retrieval)
  • People v. Childress (BA356413) Los Angeles County Superior Court, November 2011
    (Testified as to my downloading of a mobile phone’s contents)
  • People v. Nunez-Sharp / Lopez (BA397214) Los Angeles County Superior Court, March 2015
    (Testified as to my involvement in a digital multimedia evidence retrieval)


  • In re Carol Ann Worthman (A032096) Los Angeles County Superior Court, April 2008
    Declaration in support of the need for original documents for authentication purposes
  • Hor vs City of Seattle (10-2-34403-9SEA) King County Superior Court, October 2012
    Declaration as to forensic audio analysis work performed to identify speakers and sirens in audio recording
  • People v Payton (2010-002-126) Ventura County Superior Court, March 2012
    Declaration as to image authentication work performed, authentication of digital images.
  • People v Goodlow (BA422433) Los Angeles County Superior Court, November 2014
    Declaration as to review of opposing expert’s work in facial imaging.

While the above represents those cases that have gone to trial, I have provided analysis and assistance in well over five thousand cases since 2001. From general processing and conversions, clarification / enhancement, to photogrammetry, to authentication, chances are your request is not unique. Please feel free to ask me about your case.

Major Publications

Autism Articles

  • The "lie detector" and sensory processing disorder. (link)
  • When actually autistic people speak, great things can happen. (link)
  • Going Home (link)

Other Articles

  • Articles on LinkedIn. (link)
  • Articles on the Amped Software Blog. (link)
  • Articles on the Forensic Photoshop Blog. (link)
  • Articles on the LA Newsrag - for the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County. (link) (link)
  • Articles, speech transcripts, and other writing related to Freemasonry or religion available upon request. (link)

Statement of Qualifications

Specialized Training

Public Speaking / TV Show Examples

  • Click here for video from an LA District Attorney's Saturday Seminar (2008) on using CCTV evidence in court.
    I start about 25 minutes into the session.
  • Click here to watch Nazi Scrapbooks from Hell (National Geographic Channel).
    My scene begins about the 42 minute mark.
  • Click here to watch Monster Quest: Terror from the Sky (History Channel).
    My scene begins about the 24 minute mark.

Masonic Lectures. Papers, and Presentations

  • Classroom Director - Pasadena Scottish Rite, AASR. Pasadena, Ca. 2008-2014
  • Internal Alchemy. MSRICF. Long Beach, CA. February, 2008
  • Be the hero that you're waiting for. Commentary on the 15th Degree of the AASR. Pasadena Scottish Rite. February, 2009
  • Robert Burns - a man's a man for a' that. Glendale Lodge #244. January 2012
  • Increasing Participation and Membership in the Lodge. West Covina Lodge #446. June, 2012
  • The Benevolence of Masonic Charity. Pasadena Scottish Rite, AASR. October, 2017
  • The Masonic Rite of Destitution. Archimedes Masonic Club. April, 2018
  • Reflections on the Circumpunct - from the metaphysical to the practical. Oasis Lodge #854. May, 2018.
  • Harmony - the strength and support of all societies. An exploration of the role of the Masonic Lodge in political and societal problem solving. Burbank Lodge #406. June 2018
  • The Deil’s Awa wi’ Rabbie Burns. How a Parcel of Rogues have given us the wrong version of such an important historical figure ... and what we can do to fix it. Royal Order of Scotland. August, 2018.
  • Request a copy of the paper or presentation featured here.
  • Click here to schedule a lecture at your Masonic function.

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